Technical Trading

We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the financial independence and freedom.

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Technical Trading

We apply state of the art technical research to discover inefficiencies in

equity markets, and explore new trading opportunities in cash and

derivatives instruments.

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Algo & Social Trading

Algo Trading is the process of following a defined set of rules for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader.

Social Trading is a form of trading that allows investors to observe the trading behavioral of expert traders and mimic them.

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Discretionary Trading

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Algorithmic Trading

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Quantitative Trading

Expose your portfolio to the developed markets of the United States and Europe by using various index-tracking, low expense Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) and diversify into multi-assets and multi-grographical products.

Buy and hold your favorite global stocks, on wholly or fractionally basis, and participate in the growth stories of companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Salesforce etc.

Invest in the trending theme funds managed by the professionals that ranges from FAANG, cross-assets (S&P500 + Gold), crypto-assets, Clean Energy, ESG, AI/ML etc.

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Algo Strategy Marketplace

Diversify and enhance your portfolio by investing in a startup or unlisted company. Support innovative business and be part of their success stories.

How do we do it?


Data Management

Design a personalised and optimum equity portfolio build around you, your goals, and your risk profile

Optimization & Retesting

Manage your systematic and non-systematic risks with sound stock selection and derivative tools

Sophisticated Backtesting

Continual monitoring of your portfolio, with a focus on keeping the account aligned with your financial plan

Strategy Coding & Automation

Fiduciary duty towards you as a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory and Research Analyst

Find us on StockEdge Social platform sharing market insights backed by extensive research and our experience.

Join the forum of markets experts and competent participants in various domains and

learn the art and science of trading.

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We are a team of SEBI Registered

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& Research Analyst (RA)


Trading Strategy on Algobulls

This strategy is suitable for traders that are looking to profit from a sideways market. Additionally, strategy places two stop loss orders for each leg. This is done to cap loss on loss making trades during trending days.

Strategy works well when markets are sideways and suffers when markets start trending. Additional stop loss provides two brief advantages as below:

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Few featured videos

End-to-End Algorithmic Trading Series with Python

End-to-End Algorithmic trading series with the use of python. In this video Kaushik Sanghani explains what is algorithmic trading and how it actually works.

How to use Covered Call Strategy to hedge a portfolio

We have also introduced the concept of Covered Call Index (CCI) and its methodology. So do check out the video and let us know what are your thoughts.

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