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We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the financial independence and freedom.


A Smart way

to Invest

We specialize in building and managing the Equity Portfolios in Indian and Global Markets on a customized basis. Our security selection method employs fundamental, technical, and quantitative analyses in tandem.

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Why Invest Globally?

Obtain better Risk-adjusted Returns in the portfolio that exposes you to one of the greatest companies and stacks

in the world

Portfolio Diversification can be achieved by spreading the investments across different geographical markets and asset classes in different currencies

Mitigate the Currency Risk and avoid INR devaluation against the currencies of developed countries such as USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/AUD etc.

Plan your Children's Foreign Education in advance by investing in dollar-dominated financial products

Global investments come handy when the investor plans for Resettlements and Immigration programs

Diversification also comes by reducing Political and Policy risks which one may face in his home countries

Own a piece of Global Brands in equity form in either wholly or fractionally fashion

Well-planned global investments

can mitigate Tax Liabilities and take advantage of tax treaties with different countries

Product Porfolio


Exchanged Traded Funds

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Global Stocks

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Thematic Baskets and Stacks

Expose your portfolio to the developed markets of the United States and Europe by using various index-tracking, low expense Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) and diversify into multi-assets and multi-grographical products.

Buy and hold your favorite global stocks, on wholly or fractionally basis, and participate in the growth stories of companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Salesforce etc.

Invest in the trending theme funds managed by the professionals that ranges from FAANG, cross-assets (S&P500 + Gold), crypto-assets, Clean Energy, ESG, AI/ML etc.

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PE Funds and

VC Funds

Diversify and enhance your portfolio by investing in a startup or unlisted company. Support innovative business and be part of their success stories.

How do we do it?

Access to Global


Design a personalised and optimum equity portfolio build around you, your goals, and your risk profile

Proprietary AI and

Data Management

Manage your systematic and non-systematic risks with sound stock selection and derivative tools

Trusted and Secure


Continual monitoring of your portfolio, with a focus on keeping the account aligned with your financial plan

Client Centric Approach

Fiduciary duty towards you as a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory and Research Analyst

We are a team of SEBI Registered

Investment Advisory (RIA)

& Research Analyst (RA)


Curated Portfolios on Vested Finance

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