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We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the financial independence and freedom.

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We specialize in building and managing the Equity Portfolios in Indian and Global Markets on a customized basis. Our security selection method employs fundamental, technical, and quantitative analyses in tandem.

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Explore the various investment solutions that we offer

Engage with us either to start a fresh equity portfolio or to get your existing portfolio assessed and restructured.

Invest directly in the U.S. equity markets and Real Estate markets with our U.S. partner for clearing services.

Explore the neo-world of crypto-assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc.) and gain direct access to the demand for digital currency and the projects of businesses they facilitate. Diversify your portfolio

and gain mega-alpha.

Learn the art and science of discretionary and system trading with cutting-edge tools and sophisticated proprietary softwares built for long-term wealth creation.

Explore the charts of 11 sectors and 26 industries based on Indian equity markets that are made according to the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS).

We are a team of SEBI Registered

Investment Advisory (RIA)

& Research Analyst (RA)

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Feedback from Clients

Why you should hire our firm.

What stood out to me the most was their dedication to transparency and integrity. They kept me updated on my investments and were always available to help.

- Pratap Saluja

Quite comprehensive way of understanding the needs and wants of me as a client. And so was the customization of the investment solutions that mattered to my lifestyle.

- Sanjana Deb

The technical knowledge and know-hows of the team is sophisticated and thus helped me invest in more than one asset class in a pragmatic and a systematic manner.

- RK Patel

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Sumit Singh is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (INA100010004) and Research Analyst (INH100005996)